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The Madde Animation Helper is a simple tool designed to aid in classic frame by frame animation in paint tools which do not support animation be default.

Some amazing artistic talent!

Created because I wanted to animate, but couldn't get my head around flash, or afford a professional animation suite. The solution? Make something simple that could work as I needed.
I then figured I could share it with you all, so here it is!

This tool provides a simple way to see a series of images exported from programs such as Sai and Paint.NET, in animated form.
Additionally, the tool can play an audiotrack alongside the animation, to greatly aid in animations which need lip-syncing

Quick User Guide

Basic Usage


This tool can be used to preview frame by frame animations with an audiotrack alongside it.
The tool reads files from a source directory. It loads and plays PNG images in alphabetical order, as well as an MP3 track. These files should all be in the same folder.
In order to load a project, you can simply drop the tool in the same directory as the files, or navigate to the source directory using the "Set Source Directory" button dialogue.

Updated/new files in the directory are automatically reloaded to keep your flow going!

Control Detail


  1. Video Tracker
  2. Play Section Range (Left-click to set lower bound, Right-click to set upper bound)
  3. Pause/Play button
  4. Stop Button
  5. Frames-Per-Second
  6. Enable Video Looping
  7. Play Section Only
  8. Keep the window on top
  9. Mute Audio
  10. Reset the play section
  11. Set the Source Directory
  12. Reload Source Resources
  13. The current Source Directory Path

Further instructions can be found in the included readme.


This program requires Java.

The program has currently only been tested on Windows 7 with Java 8,
However, it should run in Java 7 on any OS
If you find a Java version or OS this doesn't run on, please email "support@maddestudiosgames.com", so it can either be fixed, or added to the "Unsupported" list.

Upcoming Features

  • Video Export
  • Multiple audio tracks with time-positioning
  • Animation Layers

I intend to expand this to a full animation program in future, with frames, keyframes, and actual drawing tools. I'm afraid this can only happen if I get enough support.


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