My Twitch IRC integration for GameMaker is Done!

Got this thing published! Woo.

It's a fun little way of connecting to Twitch Chat so you can play games with your viewers!

Ideally, this is to be used to connect one user (you) to one channel to interact with chat. 

I'm hoping to see some fun games made with this integration so we can see streamers play some games with chat!

[Also fixed that bit of incorrect intellisense spotted in the recording]

Yep, it is 2 bucks to get the extension (or 3, if you want the completed tutorial project), but I've put a lot more work than I expected into this, to make it as easy to use as possible (After all, you can get completely set up in under 5 minutes. Check the video!)


Quick Function Reference 18 kB
Mar 24, 2018
GMS2 Extension Package 13 kB
Mar 28, 2018
GM:S1.4 Extension Package 11 kB
Mar 26, 2018
Installation And Basic Usage Guide 141 kB
Mar 26, 2018
Demo Project For GMS2 (From the video) 17 kB
Mar 27, 2018
GMS2 Setup and Use + "Guess the Number" Video Guide 137 MB
Mar 27, 2018

Get MM's IRC Interface for GameMaker

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