Too Many Birds! 1.14.20 released

This is a smaller update, but it fixes a major crash with automatic language selection using the language of the OS, even if the game doesn't support it yet. I also added another few nice extras

  • Fixed a major crash when hatching an egg caused by the game trying to use the OS language, even if the game doesn't yet support it - the game now properly defaults to English
  • Fixed some errors with title text scaling and timers
  • Added Peach-Fronted Conure
  • Added an accessory
  • Sped up load time for free users
  • Sound fixes
  • Petting birds should be easier
  • Improved coupon refreshing
  • Made nest fully visible at more aspect ratios
  • Optimised textures and removed unused code - smaller filesize!
  • Stripped out the unused billing code and removed unused "dangerous" permissions.
  • Probably More!


[ANDROID] Too Many Birds 1.14.20 apk 45 MB
59 days ago

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